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MESA Publications (last updated February 2024)


An Invitation to Outside Investigators

We have found in many situations that a collaborative approach to research is advantageous to affiliated and non-affiliated investigators alike. Those who include MESA Investigators in their research are able to take advantage of their considerable knowledge of the MESA dataset as well as knowledge of research and analytic methodologies appropriate for the data. In keeping with this collaborative approach, researchers interested in working with MESA Investigators are welcome to submit a manuscript proposal or ancillary study proposal directly to the study. Please feel free to review additional materials related to establishing a collaborative relationship with MESA at the following links (or send an e-mail to the Coordinating Center at


More information about MESA publications, including a searchable list of proposals and access to the submission portal, can be found here. Note that you must be logged in to see this page.

Specific Analytic Opportunities

After careful review of the MESA publication record, the following list of analytic opportunities were identified as general topics where the data have not yet been adequately explored or published. There may be manuscripts in development, so it is strongly recommended that researchers with interest in collaborating on a research topic contact the point person directly (or the Coordinating Center at to initiate discussion and explore collaborative opportunities.

Research Area Point Person
Adaptive Immune System Russ Tracy (
Atrial Fibrillation Susan Heckbert (
Bioelectric Impedance Dick Kronmal (
Coagulation Mary Cushman (
Cognitive Function Annette Fitzpatrick (
Diabetes Alain Bertoni (
ECG Changes Elsayed Soliman (
Genetic ancestry Jasmin Divers (
Genetic Epi & Gene X Environ Int Jerome Rotter (
Health Services Research Chris Delaney (
Heart Failure David Bluemke (
Lipid Subclasses Rachel Mackey (
Lipoprotein A [Lp(a)] Mike Tsai (
Longitudinal data Robyn McClelland (
Organ and System Fibrosis Russ Tracy (
Policy and Prevention Gregory L. Burke (
Race/Ethnicity and Events Wendy Post (
Stroke Clinical Events Will Longstreth (