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MESA Risk Score and Coronary Age Calculator

An accurate estimate of 10-year CHD risk (MI, cardiac arrest, confirmed angina requiring revascularization, CHD death) can be obtained using traditional risk factors and coronary artery calcium (CAC). The MESA CHD Risk Score, which enables calculation of risk both before and after inclusion of an individual’s CAC score, can be used to aid clinicians in the communication of risk to patients and when determining risk-based treatment strategies.  The Coronary Age calculator provides a convenient transformation of the MESA 10-year CHD Risk Score into a scale that may be more easily appreciated by both patients and treating physicians.

Coronary age is defined as the age at which an average healthy individual would have an equivalent estimated CHD risk as that calculated for the index individual, built upon the validated MESA 10‐year CHD Risk Score equations with and CAC.  In this way, the coronary age is a single number than encapsulates the risk information produced by the MESA 10-year risk score and retains its excellent risk discrimination.  This easy‐to‐communicate tool will hopefully facilitate risk communication in routine care (i.e. a 55-year-old patient has the equivalent risk on an otherwise healthy 78-year-old man).

This online calculator is most appropriate for patients in the 45-85 year age range and in one of the following racial/ethnic groups: Caucasian, Chinese American, African American, or Hispanic.

The derivation and validation of the MESA CHD Risk Score and Coronary Age calculator have been published:

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Blaha MJ, et al. Derivation of a Coronary Age Calculator Using Traditional Risk Factors and Coronary Artery Calcium: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. J Am Heart Assoc. 2021 Mar 16;10(6):e019351.

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