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MESA Risk Score Calculator

An accurate estimate of 10-year CHD risk can be obtained using traditional risk factors and CAC. The MESA risk score, which is available online on the MESA web site for easy use, can be used to aid clinicians in the communication of risk to patients and when determining risk-based treatment strategies.

This online calculator is most appropriate for patients in the 45-85 year age range and in one of the following racial/ethnic groups: Caucasian, Chinese American, African American, or Hispanic.

To use the score you will need information on the following risk factors:
age, gender, race/ethnicity, diabetes (yes/no), current smoker (yes/no), total and HDL cholesterol, use of lipid lowering medication (yes/no), systolic blood pressure (mmHg), use of anti-hypertensive medication (yes/no), any family history of heart attack in first degree relative (parent/sibling/child) (yes/no), and a coronary artery calcium score (Agatston units).

Robyn L. McClelland, PhD; Neal W. Jorgensen, MS; Matthew Budoff, MD; Michael J. Blaha, MD, MPH; Wendy S. Post, MD, MS; Richard A. Kronmal, PhD; Diane E. Bild, MD, MPH; Steven Shea, MD, MS; Kiang Liu, PhD; Karol E. Watson, MD, PhD; Aaron R. Folsom, MD; Amit Khera, MD; Colby Ayers, MS; Amir-Abbas Mahabadi, MD; Nils Lehmann, PhD; Karl-Heinz Jöckel, PhD Susanne Moebus, PhD; J. Jeffrey Carr, MD, MS; Raimund Erbel, MD, PhD; Gregory L. Burke, MD, MS
10-Year Coronary Heart Disease Risk Prediction Using Coronary Artery Calcium and Traditional Risk Factors: Derivation in the MESA (Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis) With Validation in the HNR (Heinz Nixdorf Recall) Study and the DHS (Dallas Heart Study).
J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015 Oct 13;66(15):1643-53.

The MESA Risk Score app is available for Apple and Android. Please search in the app store on "MESA Risk Score" for the (free) download.