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Introduction to the MESA website

Website Organization

The MESA website is divided into three primary sections, as shown below. Some content can be viewed without an account, while other content requires registration.

Navigation Menu

Header Illustration

If you do not see the menu, look for the icon seen below, or expand the width of your web browser:

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Content overview

Website Directory



The MESA website allows you to log in using your existing institutional credentials.

Login Illustration


1. Click the 'User Login or Register' button at the top of the page.

2. Select your institution. If you begin typing in the text box, you will see a list of suggestions.

3. You will be taken to your institution's login page. Enter your credentials.

4. You will be returned to the MESA website but will not have full access right away. An administrator will review your account request (this may take up to 1 business day).

5. When your account is approved, you will be notified via the email address associated with your login details.

For subsequent logins, simply click the 'User Login or Register' button, select your institution, and enter your credentials.

If your institution is not listed, you can request a University of Washington NetID. Please email with your request.


Restricted Sections

Some content may not be accessible with a basic user account:

Ancillary Studies: Several ancillary studies have their own sub-websites with a separate username and password. Please request these credentials from a member of the ancillary study.

Publications: The submission portal is a separate website and requires a new account to be created. Please follow the steps provided on the submission portal.

Data: Dataset access requires a signed Data and Materials Distribution Agreement (DMDA). When you have a DMDA in place, please contact us to update your account permissions.