Impact of Historical Redlining on Cardiovascular Health: Uncovering Persistent Racial Health Disparities

This study looked at how historical redlining, a policy that discriminated against certain racial groups, affects cardiovascular health in the United States. The researchers found that living in areas that were historically redlined had an impact on cardiovascular health, especially for Black participants. Even in neighborhoods with better social environments, the negative association between historical redlining and cardiovascular health still remained, although it was somewhat weakened. This study shows that redlining, like slavery in the past, is an example of structural racism that continues to affect health today. It highlights the importance of studying structural racism as a main reason for health disparities among different racial and ethnic groups.

Source: Mujahid MS, Gao X, Tabb LP, Lewis TT. Historical Redlining and Cardiovascular Health: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. PNAS. 2021 118(51) e 2110986118.